Saturday, March 29, 2014

Ebony Magazine Apologizes to Black Conservative Raffi Williams

You might have seen this depraved blowup over the last couple of days, at Twitchy, "Ebony editor assumes RNC staffer Raffi Williams is a ‘white dude,’ tells him to shut up."

Also, "Ebony Magazine Apologizes to Black Conservative Raffi Williams," and "‘SELLOUTS’! Jamilah Lemieux’s supporters seethe after Ebony apologizes for her ‘lack of judgment’."

And from Ed Morrissey at Hot Air, "RNC chair to Ebony magazine: Apologize; Update: Ebony apologizes," and "Video: Juan Williams, Raffi Williams on diversity of thought":
Daily Caller founder Tucker Carlson hosted an interesting tête-à-tête this morning on Fox between a staunch conservative and a well-known liberal on the lack of tolerance for diversity of thought demonstrated again this week, this time by a senior editor for Ebony Magazine. The two squared off — or actually supported one another as son and father, respectively and respectfully. RNC deputy press secretary Raffi Williams joined his father Juan Williams to blast the pervasive notions that ideology has to be linked to ethnicity, and Juan urged everyone to open their minds to new ideas rather than dismiss people out of hand:

Extreme leftist intolerance, everywhere you go. That's how we live under the Obama regime.

Radical leftists = scum-sucking dirtbag totalitarians.

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