Sunday, August 3, 2014

Communists, Hamas Solidarity Protesters Demand Israel's Extermination in Los Angeles — #ANSWERLA

I normally post an announcement when I'm heading out to cover a protest, but not yesterday. I know that some of the ANSWER communists read my blog and, perhaps lying in wait for my arrival, would have assaulted me, stealing my phone and throwing me to the ground, in an effort to prevent me from blogging their rally.

It's not like it hasn't happened before, or anything.

But not this time. I had a great day documenting the protest on Twitter and Vine.

I did give Robert Stacy McCain the heads up before attending the rally. Kindly, he retweeted my entries throughout the day, and had gracious worlds of encouragement.

Robert also put up a blog post yesterday while I was still in Los Angeles, "The Pro-Hamas Mob in L.A."

I've been covering ANSWER for 5 years. In the early days, I simply asked the organizers if I could attend their events. My reports were literally from the inside. I had infiltrated a movement, for example, "STOP THE WAR! Teach-In on Afghanistan and the Anti-War Struggle - ANSWER L.A."; "Code Pink's Jodie Evans: No 'Rethink' on Afghanistan - 'U.S. Troop Withdrawal Now' ... ANSWER Coalition Decries 'Criminal Occupation'"; "When Defeat is the ANSWER"; and "'We Need to Take 'Em Down' - ANSWER/PSL: Stop the War at Home and Abroad!"

Now, though, these puny little wannabes are scared to death of "just a blogger." In Anaheim these cowards seized my phone, pushed me down, hit me and knocked my cap to the ground. I was injured when I scaled a 10-foot brick wall to retrieve my phone.

They're pussies and weasels. Vile, evil little cowardly trolls who can't stand "just a blogger" telling the real story of their racist protests against the United States and Israel.

Things went as planned yesterday, for the most part. I stood my ground and wasn't accosted until late in the afternoon. I think most people would not appreciate being surrounded by a mob of crazed wannabe Che communists, seriously unclean people, with disgusting, terrible hygiene, getting in their faces. I don't love it. But that's what they do. They do everything they can to intimidate. I won't be intimidated, of course, so the next step for them would be to inflict lethal violence. I'm brave, but I'm not foolish. Friends and followers have been cheering my coverage these last few weeks, calling me a patriot for my fresh, on-the-ground reports. But many have also asked me to be careful. Friends tell me that these leftists are indeed dangerous people and not to take my safety for granted. Wise words and I heeded them yesterday. For one thing, I watched my back all day. I also stayed near the police and Sheriff's deputies. Riot squads were on hand and it got heated at times, as you can see from the posts.

Most of all, understand that these protests are not "pro-Gaza" demonstrations. They're annihilationist anti-Israel protests, with demonstrators raising the flags of Hamas, chanting exterminationist terrorist slogans ("From the desert to the sea..."), and holding anti-Zionist signs attacking Israel as a "Nazi" state, demanding that the Jews be eliminated. As many have been reporting with regard to Europe's surge of anti-Semitic violence, the last few weeks have seen the unleashing of genocidal anti-Jewish hatred not seen since the 1930s. Yesterday in Los Angeles was no different.