Sunday, November 16, 2014

Smokin' Rule 5 Sunday — Democrat Dishonesty and Denial Edition!

I could do "Democrat Dishonesty and Denial" roundups 24/7, but this oughta hold us for awhile, lol.

President Obama is emphatically claiming that his administration did not, in fact, mislead the American people on ObamaCare. Noah Rothman has the rundown, "Gruber-gate gets to Obama: ‘No, I did not’ mislead Americans." (Via Memeorandum.)

In this regard, the President's no better than the most dishonest and venal leftist fever-swamp trolls, like Scott Lemieux of Lawyers, Lies and Grubbing. Patterico has the smackdown in the leftist liar Lemieux, "Fun with Scott Lemieux on Halbig, " and "I F*cked Up, I Trusted Scott Lemieux."

Yeah, well, you never want to "trust" those deranged f-ks at LGM. Never.

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But enough about leftist lies and derangement. Bring on the beautiful babes!

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