Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Harvard's Henry Louis Gates Under Fire at NPR for Coddling Ben Affleck on Slave Ancestry

From guest-blogger Ann Althouse, at Instapundit, "PBS ACCUSES HENRY LOUIS GATES JR. OF “IMPROPER JUDGMENT”."

The link's busted [it was busted but it's fixed now], but she's pointing to this piece at London's Daily Mail, "Harvard professor who covered up Ben Affleck's slave roots could be dropped from PBS after he is slammed by broadcaster for 'breaching standards'." (Also at Memeorandum.)

Gates is being made the scapegoat here, if you recall. The entire network is implicated, since Affleck can't stand that he's got slave-owning ancestry and he raised a ruckus about getting those portions of the documentary edited out of the broadcast. See, "Hollywood Leftist Ben Affleck Had Inconvenient Truth About Slave-Owning Ancestor Scrubbed from PBS 'Finding Your Roots' Segment."