Friday, June 26, 2015

Just Waking Up and Saw This Huge Homosexual Marriage Roundup on Memeorandum Earlier

I was up scrolling through the news on my iPhone at 7:00am and the SCOTUS homosexual marriage ruling had just dropped. Memeorandum hadn't caught up with the news but had a beautiful roundup on all the ObamaCare commentary.


I have my hard copy of the Los Angeles Times, with the lead story from Noam Levey, "Analysis Obamacare appears to be about as established as a law can be in divided U.S."

So, it's a big news day today. There was an ISIS beheading in France that won't get the coverage it deserves in the U.S. with all the other news. But read around and access alternative sites. The ideological war has reached full battle pitch, and conservatives are on the defensive but not yet defeated. Join the fray friends. Truth and decency are themselves under siege.