Friday, September 25, 2015

'Our Civil Servants and Representatives Should Be Servant Leaders, Not Lying Manipulators or Dictators...'

A great comment, from the thread at the Wall Street Journal, blogged here, "Speaker John Boehner to Resign":
The departure of Speaker Boehner will do little to diminish the stench emanating from the dismal swamp called Washington, DC. It will do little to stanch the exacerbation of class hatred, racial strife, lying, corruption, cronyism, and political elitism that we have lived with for six years.

I wonder if Speaker Boehner had hoped that the Pope would endow the nation and our government with the grace that would restore civility, reverence for the Constitution, respect for our fellow citizens, and honesty. I wonder if he had hoped that Francis would provide a reminder that our civil servants and representatives should be servant leaders, not lying manipulators or dictators.

We shall see.
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