Friday, January 29, 2016

LATEST: Malheur Holdout David Fry Posts New Video; Refusing to Surrender, Demanding Pardon (VIDEO)

Here's the latest on the siege, from OPB's John Sepulvado, "militants spoke to fbi today -- david fry says first demand about meeting with fed prosecutors hasn't been met," and "shorter david fry: the only chance we have to escape, get a pardon, is in a group."

 photo 19627587-mmmain_zpssjkzv163.png
Fry's apparently citing President Bill Clinton's pardon of big-money Democrat donor Marc Rich, who was pardoned on January 20, 2001, just moments before Clinton left office.

It's a good bet that Fry's on drugs right now. Seriously, he's talking a mile-a-minute at the video.

Commenters at the YouTube clip are snarking that he's on meth.

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