Friday, January 29, 2016

New Victoria Sharp Statement Says LaVoy Finicum Shot with 'Gun in His Holster and Hands in the Air...' (VIDEO)

Ms. Sharp as featured in the Reuters piece I covered here, "Family Members Challenge FBI Account of LaVoy Finicum's Shooting Death — #OregonStandoff."

According to the article:
The FBI video was released hours after Todd Macfarlane, a lawyer for Finicum's relatives, said other evidence may exist that shows Finicum was not threatening authorities.

Macfarlane said one potential source of information about the shooting was Victoria Sharp, a woman who says she was friends with some of the armed protesters and claims she was at the scene and watched Finicum die.

Sharp said in an interview with Reuters that Finicum was shot with his gun in his holster and his hands in the air, shouting and walking toward police.

Neither state nor federal law enforcement would comment on whether Sharp was at the scene or on her description. Reuters was not able to independently confirm her version of the events.
Here's the video, "Eyewitness claims Oregon occupier had 'hands in the air'."

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