Sunday, February 28, 2016

Gawker's Alex 'Ping Pong Balls' Pareene Behind Donald Trump 'Mussolini Quote' Retweet

Folks might recall Alex Pareene as the former wanker Wonkette blogger who attacked Michelle Malkin with racist Asian "ping pong balls" jokes back in 2006.

So, I personally don't take all of this Trump Mussolini retweet stuff too seriously. These assholes at Gawker are professional smear merchants, and the quote in question isn't even original to Mussolini.

Here's Pareene at Gawker, at Memeorandum, "How We Fooled Donald Trump Into Retweeting Benito Mussolini."

Everyone's picked up on this story, at the New York Times, for example, "Donald Trump Retweets Post With Quote From Mussolini."

More at Memeorandum.

And scroll through 20 Committee's feed for a while. That "Mussolini quote" apparently preceded the dictator's time in power: