Saturday, February 20, 2016

Robert Stacy McCain Suspended on Twitter — #FreeStacy

This kind of thing is getting old and dreary, but at least the latest episode attests to the far-reaching good will Robert Stacy McCain has earned across the web's social media and blogging landscape. Maybe we should start calling him Robert Stacy McMensch (a "mensch" is Yiddish for a person with "great honor and integrity").

Robert blogged about his imprisonment in Twitter Gulag, "The #FreeStacy Story: Why Was My @rsmccain Account Suspended?"

Also from Ed Driscoll, at Instapundit, "WELL, IT CERTAINLY LOOKS THAT WAY AT THE MOMENT: Is Twitter Silencing Conservatives?" (Legal Insurrection and Twitchy linked there.)

Also, from Da Tech Guy, "The Twitter Star Chamber Suspends Stacy McCain" (via Memeorandum)."

Still more, from Robby Suave, at Reason, "Did Twitter's Orwellian ‘Trust and Safety’ Council Get Robert Stacy McCain Banned?" (at Memeorandum).

Robert's still in Twitter Gulag. Please keep sending tweets to @Support, @Twittter, @Safety, and @Jack (Jack Dorsey, Twitter co-founder and current CEO), using the #FreeStacy hashtag.

Sometimes I think that I wouldn't still be blogging if it wasn't for Robert. He makes it fun and I'm proud to say he's a good friend.

And while you're at it, hit the tip jar at The Other McCain.

I'll have updates, of course.