Friday, May 20, 2016

'America Was Never Great'

Did you read the piece on Chomsky I posted the other day? See, "The Sick Mind of Noam Chomsky."

I have students in my classes that cite Chomsky as one of their main ideological influences. It gives me a pit in my stomach, because I know then the students won't be open-minded, and literally nothing I teach --- including factual, scientific data and evidence on key issues, like "global warming" --- will even be considered.

So, here comes this black lady with the "America Was Never Great" hat. And she was wearing this while working at Home Depot? She'd be fired if I was in management. You're going to lose customers. There's no First Amendment issue at stake.


At Big Government, "Home Depot Employee’s ‘America Was Never Great’ Hat Sparks Outrage On Social Media."

And at Weasel Zippers, "Home Depot Employee and Bernie Supporter Wearing “America Was Never Great” Hat Photo Goes Viral, Stirs Up the Social Media Masses…"

And death threats too? Totally out of line, but not surprising. At the New York Times and Memeorandum: