Friday, May 20, 2016

Here We Go, Chicago 1968 Redux: Sanders Supporters Get Permits to Protest Democrat Convention in Philadelphia (VIDEO)

Senator Barbara Boxer, at the video, whines about how she felt "scared" by Bernie Sanders supporters.

Watch, "Sen. Boxer: I Felt Frightened, Physically Threatened While Sanders Supporters Booed Me."

Well, suck it up, sweetie. There's plenty more of that coming down the pike.

At WSJ, "Sanders Supporters Secure Rally Permit Near Democratic Convention in Philadelphia" (via Memeorandum):

Philadelphia has approved four demonstration permits in support of Sen. Bernie Sanders at the July Democratic National Convention — including a large rally planned near the convention’s epicenter.

One of the permits is for an event consisting of four days of all-day rallies at FDR Park in support of Mr. Sanders. The city said it expects 30,000 participants, and organizers said in an interview they hope turnout will be much higher.

The park is adjacent to the Wells Fargo Center, where many of the Democratic National Convention events will be held — raising the possibility of a large demonstration in support of Mr. Sanders just steps away from where delegates will officially select the Democratic nominee. A growing number of Democrats are concerned the convention could turn out to be divisive and disorderly due to activities planned by Sanders supporters.

The city has also granted permits to three smaller demonstrations at Thomas Paine Plaza, a few miles from the Wells Fargo Center. The city says it expects 2,000 to 3,000 participants at those events.

The events — which are being organized independent of campaign by supporters of Mr. Sanders — aim to call attention to support the Vermont Senator has received throughout the primary process and push for long-term changes in the way that the Democratic Party nominates candidates.

“The whole Bernie movement is an ideology. If Bernie wins the nomination, wins the presidency, that would be amazing. But even if Hillary does win the nomination, the movement has already started,” said Steve Okan Layne, who is helping organize one of the demonstrations...
Oh goody!

It's going to be fantastic! I can't wait for the Democrat Anarchist Socialist Communist 9/11 Truther BDS Convention, lol.