Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Donald Trump Damage Control

Yeah, this is a "Khantroversy," although that doesn't mean it's not damaging Donald Trump.

As I've been saying, he needs to ignore this fight and move on to attacking Hillary in the economy and corruption.

But some are talking like this is the fatal blow, that Trump won't recover this time. I say nah. But there's definitely some damage. And the sooner he's past it the better.

Meanwhile, here's Cathleen Decker's analysis, at the Los Angeles Times, "Trump mired in another day of controversy with family of soldier killed in Iraq":
The threat to Trump’s campaign comes largely in its timing. Fewer than 100 days remain before the general election, putting the campaigns in a period in which stumbles become more dangerous because there is less time to craft a recovery.

As important, any time taken to try to clean up campaign messes pulls attention away from issues with greater political upside. Only when he got to Columbus, Ohio, for example, did Trump mention the meager economic growth figures released last week; any emphasis on them had been obliterated by the feud between Trump and the Khan family...

RELATED: From Stuart Rothenberg, at WaPo, via Memeorandum, "Will GOP officials jump ship on Trump?"

Actually, "GOP officials" have been jumping ship since Trump's inevitability first became clear. The "Khantroversy's" just give 'em another excuse to bail out. Fuck 'em.