Tuesday, August 16, 2016

'Hell or High Water' is Great

Following-up, "'Hell or High Water': Hollywood Makes a Pro-Gun Movie — Woot! (VIDEO)," and "Heading Out to 'Hell or High Water' in a Bit."

We saw it over at the Irvine 6 Theaters, next door to U.C. Irvine. That's an art house cinema now, but frankly, the movie should be playing massive multiplexes across the country. It's a classic, a much better movie that "No Country for Old Men," which won the best picture Oscar back in '08.

That's just my take, but "High Water" seemed so much more, well, real. It just seemed so genuine, like it was almost happening in real time right before your eyes. Plus, if you're a Jeff Bridges fan, don't miss it. He plays Texas Ranger Marcus Hamilton, and his sidekick, Alberto, is Native American. Leftists will hate the movie for the over-stuffing of racist Indian jokes, but Bridges delivers these with so much heart that you know Hamiton's doing it out of love for his fellow Ranger. And besides, Alberto lets him have it mercilessly a few times as well, so you don't feel sorry for him. Their repartee is actually a bundle of laughs in an otherwise serious --- frankly macabre --- modern-day Western.

In any case, here's another review, at the Hollywood Reporter, "'Hell or High Water': Cannes Review."

I hope this film does well during awards season. It should definitely be up for best picture.