Monday, February 6, 2017

Kellyanne Conway on Hannity's (VIDEO)

The left really has the guns out for Ms. Conway. CNN reportedly rebuked the White House regarding a Sunday Conway appearance on the network, which is weird, since the same folks were moaning two weeks ago that she wouldn't come on. Now they're considering "a permanent ban." What's happened is degenerate leftists have fixed on attacking Ms. Conway's "credibility," obviously because she's so freakin' good at deflecting debased radical left smears.

At Memeorandum, for example, "That MSNBC Interview Was Not the First Time Kellyanne Conway Referred to the “Bowling Green Massacre”."

And at Twitchy, "PUH-LEASE! CNN of ALL outlets has the nerve to question Kellyanne Conway’s credibility?!"

She'll be back on CNN before you know. Watch.