Saturday, February 4, 2017

Only 'Antifas' Allowed 'Free Speech'

I've been checking out the "Refuse Fascism" Twitter feed for a couple of weeks now. These people are the real fascists, and they're not shy about it.

According to the collective's editorialists, Milo Yiannopoulos has no free speech rights because "he spews forth hateful, crude, unthinking bigotry and low-level insults against marginalized and oppressed people, and he has a documented record of knowingly unleashing campaigns of harassment, stalking, and threats of violence." (Via Memeorandum.)

All of this is false, of course. Even if his comments are "hateful," they're still protected by the First Amendment. Anyone with half a brain knows this (or anyone who wants to be taken seriously).

Indeed, even the far-left Los Angeles Times got it right the other day, when it defended Milo's right to speak at Berkeley. See, "The No Free Speech Movement at Berkeley":
A leaflet circulated at the Berkeley protest said Yiannopoulos has “no right to speak at Cal or anywhere else” because he’s a “tool of Trump’s possessive fascist government."

This is just the latest variation on the age-old argument of the censor that “error has no rights,” or, put another way, that one only has a right to free speech if one is speaking the “truth.” It’s an insidious notion that needs to be opposed in every generation.
Well, leftists don't want free speech. They don't want open debate and discussion, because they don't want their ideas exposed to critical examination (and repudiation). So, instead of engaging their opponents, they seek to destroy them. That's the textbook characteristic of fascism, hence the irony of "refuse fascism." For more on that, see Guy Benson, "Berkeley's 'Anti-Fascism' Protesters Embrace Fascism to Shut Down Free Speech."

We're in the midst of a political war. The Berkeley riot was just an advanced column of the left's forces of annihilation. The way to respond is with equal force, pushing back through vigorous law and order policies. (Governor Reagan sent in the National Guard at Berkeley in the 1960s. I expect we might be seeing a repeat of that kind of action in the current era, especially if the Trump administration decides to crack down.)

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