Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Is it Going to Be New Year's Eve with Andersoon Cooper and Kathy Griffin?

It shouldn't be. Frankly, I'm surprised CNN hasn't fired her yet.

Here's Diana West with more, "Playing Beheadings for Laughs":
Even in this day of overexposure to the worst, the lowest, the ugliest, the most degrading, a severed head is still something else -- and it's still there. Even if Griffin were able to remove the bloody thing from the internet altogether (which she is not, given the explosion of copies all around), the image is still there, no matter how "sorry" Griffin is -- and I'm sure she is extremely sorry to be poised to lose, possibly, some very big, very mainstream gigs. It's there inside our own heads along with images of the real victims Griffin is also idiotically and toxically exploiting. Their real death's heads were also designed by other barbarians to shock and psychologically maim the living.

The question becomes, how alive are the rest of us -- starting at CNN?
UPDATE: She's fired.