Saturday, May 27, 2017

Suspect on Portland MAX Train Was Screaming 'Muslims Should Die' (VIDEO)

This story is now headlining at both Britain's Guardian and Telegraph (and I'm sure more), as obviously some kind of evidence of the "backlash" against Muslims. These attacks are always played to the hilt, while at the same time, the same leftists moan about how we'll never know what caused the Manchester bombing, and about how this one "deluded" individual isn't a true representation of Islam.

I denounce this suspect in Portland and I pray for those murdered.

I just cringe at the politics of it all.

At the Oregonian, "Man saw teenagers, one with hijab, and launched into racial tirade":

Two teenage girls boarded a MAX train in downtown heading to Northeast Portland early Friday evening when a man got on at a later stop and immediately launched into a racial tirade as soon as they caught his eye.

"He was saying that Muslims should die," said Dyjuana Hudson, a mother of one of the girls. "That they've been killing Christians for years."

Hudson recounted what her daughter, Destinee, told her hours after police tracked down the man as he ran from the rush-hour train into the Hollywood neighborhood. Other passengers chased him from a distance and called 911.

The suspect left a gruesome scene on the Green Line train. He lashed out at three men who had tried to calm him down, fatally stabbing two of them and sending the other to the hospital with stab wounds, police said. The third man is expected to survive.

The rampage at the start of Ramadan, the Muslim holy month, brought an immediate outcry from religious and civic leaders in Portland and across the country.

Destinee Hudson, 16, is black, and her friend, 17, who was wearing a hijab, is Muslim, the mother said.

The girls distanced themselves from the man after he got on the train at Lloyd Center, Hudson said. But he pressed on, approaching them as he kept screaming, she said...