Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Breitbart's Katie Mchugh Fired for Politically Incorrect Tweets

I don't know Katie McHugh. Frankly, I barely recollect her name. But she's been fired from Breitbart, for tweeting that London wouldn't have terrorism if not for Muslims. (Which is an accurate statement, as far as I'm concerned. When was the last time we had an IRA bombing in Britain?)

I did notice that intrepid Twitter scavengers dug up some of the woman's old tweets, and indeed she posts some whack stuff. For example, she tweeted in favor of repealing the 19th Amendment as a method of rolling back welfare programs? I doubt I'd go for stripping women of the suffrage to get a handle of welfare, but it's not a fire-able opinion.


I think I noted yesterday that I'm not really into getting people fired for their views. Kathy Griffin's a special case. I don't feel sad for her, and as Ace noted, sometimes it's necessary to become the left to fight the left. But be careful what you wish for: the revolution always eats its own, and what goes around comes around. This kind of boycott-attack-character assassination and recrimination-style of politics will leave very few survivors. I've been down this road myself (Scott Kaufman and Carl Salonen come to mind).

In any case, via Twitter: