Friday, June 9, 2017

If You're a Jew in Britain, It's Time for Your Own Brexit

From a "Soldier's Mother," Paula K. Stern, at Israelly Cool, "A Message for U.K. Jews."

And at Paula's blog, "Is today the day to leave England?":
The good news is that Jeremy Corbyn didn't win the election. Teresa May and the Conservative Party won by the numbers. But there are few today viewing the results of the election who fail to see that a clear message was sent. The only question is to whom the message was directed, and will they listen.

The Labour Party gained 28 seats, which is a victory in itself, but they are not in control. Not yet. Had the Labour Party been in the hands of a different main contender, we could think this was politics as normal. But it wasn't, and so it isn't.

This morning in the UK is very different than it was yesterday.

The Conservative party won in seats and votes, but lost 11 places in the Parliament. A stunning victory by Labour puts them at 259, a gain of 28 and puts Jeremy Corbyn within striking distance of the Prime Minister's office. Not this time, but maybe next time.

I will leave it to the UK to figure out the message that was sent yesterday. What it means for where England is headed - for its citizens and for the world is more than I can contemplate on a busy Friday with Shabbat just hours away.

For all intents and purposes, there is now a "hung Parliament" that is unlikely to accomplish much and may well send the country into new elections in the near future. That is the nature of the electoral system they have, as it is the one we inherited from them.

What is on my mind is something more personal, closer to my heart. If you are a Jew in Britain and you are not looking for your own "Brexit," you are making an appalling and perhaps even costly mistake. Read that sentence again. Does it scare you - it should. It frightens me. But what you'll find, if you search deep in your heart, is that it may annoy you, but you can't quite deny it, can you? It doesn't surprise you that there could be a time when you have to a few generations ago, too many didn't. You know that time may come...pretty much every Jew in the world knows that. This is the ultimate lesson of the Holocaust. You may love where you live, but there will always lurk the knowledge that no matter how comfortable it might be today, tomorrow it could change.

The only real question you have today in the UK if you are Jewish is whether today is the day to leave...