Thursday, June 15, 2017

Laura Ingraham: Terms Like 'Resistance' Create a 'Moral Duty to Physically Resist' President Trump (VIDEO)

Watch, at RCP, "Ingraham On GOP Shooting: Terms Like 'Resistance' Create 'Moral Duty to Physically Resist' Trump":
LAURA INGRAHAM: It's a level of viciousness and vitriol that we see on social media but usually that's an anonymous thing. But now people are emboldened and they are saying it in person. They're doing chalk drawings of people and their families on their driveways so they wake up in the morning and they see a chalk drawing.

I think Charles is right. This apocalyptic language we hear on other cable networks, where these are supposedly very respected hosts who get up every morning and say, 'Will be republic survive Donald Trump?' In other words, the resistance is a physical resistance. If you believe your survival is at risk, you have the moral duty to physically resist that. And I think this freak yesterday took it to heart.
The full video from the panel is here, at Fox News' Special Report, "Will calls for unity among lawmakers hold up?"