Thursday, June 1, 2017

Let's Thank Kathy Griffin

This is an absolutely fantastic essay, from Melissa Mackenzie, at the American Spectator, "CNN’s Kathy Griffin and the Face of Tolerant Democrats":

Kathy Griffin should be thanked, at least, for being open about her aims. Her boldness gives the violent game away.

The CNN host, Griffin, these students, and the terrified administrations who enable them, represent power through force, intimidation, aggression, and murder.

Calm exchanges of ideas no longer happen, because one side believes their side is the righteous side. The same zeal that animated towns people to burn the witch, animates the true believers on the Left. The only way to save the sanctity of the community is by eliminating the apostates. More and more people are becoming apostates. The illiberal professors are dismayed to learn this the hard way.

Burn them.

Brand them.

Behead them.

Kathy Griffin should be thanked for making the covert, overt. Her image beautifully reveals the truth of the ideology espoused on the Left: submit or die.

Sound familiar?