Tuesday, June 13, 2017

NBC News Star Katy Tur 'Doesn't Support the LGBT Community'

There's all kinds of controversy with this woman.

She was featured in a big New York Times puff-piece the other day, notes NewsBusters, "Poised, Witty, Truth-Teller to Trump: NY Times Gurgles Over 'Katy Tur on the Rise'."

Folks on Twitter attacked the Times for its "sexist" headline, so the editors changed it, of course. See Poynter, "The New York Times has changed the headline on its Katy Tur profile (again)." (Also at the Hill.)

And now her dad's attacking her as a transphobe. That's gotta hurt, considering her dad's now a trans woman. At Mediaite, "Zoey Tur Slams Daughter Katy Tur for Being 'Transphobic' in Blistering Facebook Post."

Frankly, Ms. Katy's often seen on MSNBC, which is far-left. So that "transphobic" slur's gonna leave a mark.