Monday, June 19, 2017

Unhinged Leftists Endorse Violence Against Republicans (VIDEO)

Look, this hits too close to home, which is why even Karen Handel has backed away from it (she's hoping not to scare off independent moderates in the district who might feel sympathy for Ossoff, who will whine about how he's being unfairly attacked).

But hey, I can't find fault with this ad (below), out from the folks at Principled PAC.

See Michelle Malkin for the accurate benchmark reference, "Climate of hate: Shooting at House GOP baseball practice."
I’ve warned for more than a decade about the unhinged Left’s rhetoric and the despicable double standards that have given progressives immunity as they falsely blamed Republicans and conservatives for every last random outbreak of violence.

In fact, Unhinged could be re-released today and readers would hardly notice it was written 11 years ago!

Are there any decent Democrats or left-wingers in the public square willing to acknowledge the existence of their own climate of hate — festering with misogyny, liberal racism, and assassination fascination?

Do words and rhetoric only have consequences if they can be used against conservatives and Republicans?

Or will we spend the rest of the day being bombarded with vile gloating like this...
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