Thursday, August 24, 2017

Peaceful Confederate Guy Has to Be Escorted Away by Police to Literally Save His Life After Angry Leftist Sticks Two Middle-Fingers in His Face for Half-an-Hour. Who's the Villain?

Of course, the Confederate guy's the villain. But he's actually the way more sympathetic figure here. Seriously. Unless you're a race-obsessed leftist MSM "journalist." Then the angry profane leftist bitch sticking the finger in the guy's face for 30 minutes non-stop is the hero.

We are seriously f*cked up in this country. Just wow.

At WaPo, "He wore Confederate dress to Charlottesville. He got two middle fingers and possible expulsion from college."

It's not "possible expulsion." He got to boot from his so-called "Christian" college. Peaceful protester standing up for his ancestors' heritage. Said his stand wasn't about race at all. And look what happened to him.