Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Trump Supporters in Their Own Words

Melissa McEwan is not pleased:
Enough already. These people made a terrible, destructive, dangerous decision in voting for Donald Trump. And now the media wants to continually give them a platform to talk about that decision, as if they might have made it out of ignorance about who Trump is (nope!) or as if there is some value to letting them speak endlessly about their choice to cast a vote for a corrupt, bigoted, serial sex predator (also nope!) or as if there is something to be gleaned from mining the thoughts of people who insistently support an authoritarian bully who they have convinced themselves doesn't hold them in utter contempt (a third time nope).

There is no value in any of it. Enough.
She blocked me on Twitter years ago, of course.

But see the Guardian, "'He's anti-left, anti-PC, anti-stupid': Trump supporters in their own words."