Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The #MeToo Movement Has Become a War on Men

Following-up from Monday, "The #MeToo Moment Has Now Morphed Into a Moral Panic That Poses as Much Danger to Women as it Does to Men."

Here's Heather Mac Donald's take on the #MeToo moment, at City Journal, "Too Close for Comfort":
The #MeToo movement may have begun as a justified backlash against grotesque predatory behavior and its institutional support, but, predictably, it soon evolved into a war on men and a moral panic over the male libido. Sexual harassment has become an infinitely expandable concept to take down difficult leaders, but history has been made by driven males; they created casualties aplenty but left the rest of us with art, intellectual advances, and the exploration of the unknown. The #MeToo movement will result in a new wave of quotas for females and the marginalization of men. No amount of political and social reengineering, however, will solve the problem of taming and integrating Eros in a world that denies male-female differences.

That phrase "moral panic" keeps cropping up. I think it's going to stick.