Saturday, February 10, 2018

Worst Flu Season in Almost a Decade (VIDEO)

It's not as bad this year as it was in 2009, apparently, when the 2009 swine flu pandemic, but it's been very bad nevertheless. Yours truly came down with a case a week ago Friday, and it's been 10 days not I've been fighting this. My semester started last week too, which was otherwise fine. I just had to be very medicated. I've be taking over the counter medications, but I stayed in bed all day yesterday, and frankly yesterday and today's the first days I've genuinely felt better. I got the flu shot too, in December, and I haven't come down with the flu for at least two or three years, so I was pretty surprised I got hit. Don't mess around if you're sick. If you have persistent high fever, can't breath, or fluid on the lungs, go to the doctor. Otherwise, get some rest.

At CBS News 2 Los Angeles, "High Schooler In Thousand Oaks Dies of Flu," and at the Los Angeles Times, "Flu deaths reach a high, but outbreak shows signs of easing."

And watch, at PBS News Hour: