Thursday, July 12, 2018

Alexis Ren Working It!

She's on Twitter.

And at Hollywood Tuna, "Alexis Ren Is Working Hard On Her Booty Pump!"

Also at Drunken Stepfather, "ALEXIS REN OF THE DAY":
This picture of Alexis Ren is hilarious because she had someone take it, looked at it, loved it, and posted it…knowing that people would be excited by it, knowing that despite it being pretty fucking aggressive, it’s what the people want…and she’s not going to be the one to not give it to them…so here she is giving it to them….I mean I’ve seen butt shots, I’ve seen over the shoulder butt shots, I’ve seen it all, I’ve probably even seen this pose..but it’s so hardcore, hard to believe she was one of the most followed “influencers”…I mean not really with posts like this…it’s the kind of thing I want to follow…