Thursday, July 12, 2018

New Poll Has Democrats Up 8-Points on the Generic Congressional Ballot

Up and down we go, where we stop nobody knows.

At Fox News, "Fox News Poll: Democrats ahead in election enthusiasm, interest -- and the vote":
Democrats are more interested in the upcoming midterm elections and more enthused to vote than usual, and that helps them to an 8-point edge in the generic congressional ballot test.  This amid widespread concern that the country’s political debate is overheated and even dangerous -- to the point that many voters steer clear of talking politics with family and friends.

Fifty-four percent of Democrats are “extremely” interested in the November elections, and 51 percent are more enthusiastic about voting than usual, according to the latest Fox News national poll.

Republicans trail on both measures:  47 percent are extremely interested and 42 percent are more enthused.

Here’s the take-away:  by a 48-40 percent margin, voters prefer the Democratic candidate in their congressional district over the Republican.  Democrats were up 48-39 percent last month.  The rule of thumb is the Democrats need to carry the generic ballot test by about 10 percentage points to take over the U.S. House this fall.

When the results are narrowed to only extremely interested voters, the Democratic advantage is 13 points:  54-41 percent.

“Things seem to move day to day, but the prevailing political wind favors the Democrats right now,” says Republican pollster Daron Shaw, who conducts the survey with Democrat Chris Anderson.

“There’s still a lot of time until Election Day, but we’re close enough that polls like this should worry the Republicans.”

There’s a 14-point interest gap between Republican men and women, as 53 percent of GOP men are extremely interested, while 39 percent of GOP women say the same.

Among Democrats, 54 percent of men and 53 percent of women are extremely interested...
The election's still months away. I don't think Dems should get too excited, especially if they're planing on running and "Abolish ICE" platform.

But read the rest at the link.