Sunday, September 9, 2018

Gavin Newsome, Former Mayor of America's Biggest Urban Dumphole, Rose to Power Backed by Bay Area's Big-Money Interests

If you haven't yet, make sure you read Joel Kotkin's The New Class Conflict, which details the political realignment of the last few decades whereby the Democrat Party has become the party of the elite coastal corporate rich.

These new Democrat leftists don't really care about the poor --- consider Mark Zuckerberg building a walled digital castle in San Francisco's "hipster central Dolores Park," using migrant laborers and pissing off the district's neighbors (who dare not say a word lest they face retaliation). No, they care about their corporate profits and the leftist virtue signaling. You never see far-left Democrat elites living a lifestyle of those they say they represent. Indeed, their actual policies, especially in California --- with its obsession on climate change regulation --- keep people poor, saddling them with higher taxes, unaffordable housing, and wasteful government bureaucracy.

California is the ultimate wealthy insider's country club of power and privilege, but only if you're a soi-disant progressive.


Newsome's a loser and we'll be saddled with his terrible far-left San Francisco policies for nearly a decade.

At the Los Angeles Times, "How eight elite San Francisco families funded Gavin Newsom’s political ascent":

Gavin Newsom wasn’t born rich, but he was born connected — and those alliances have paid handsome dividends throughout his career.

A coterie of San Francisco’s wealthiest families has backed him at every step of his political rise, which in November could lead next to his election as governor of California.

San Francisco society’s “first families” — whose names grace museum galleries, charity ball invitations and hospital wards — settled on Newsom, 50, as their favored candidate two decades ago, said Willie Brown, former state Assembly speaker and former mayor of the city.

“He came from their world, and that’s why they embraced him without hesitancy and over and above everybody else,” said Brown, who is a mentor to Newsom. “They didn’t need to interview him. They knew what he stood for.”

A Times review of campaign finance records identified eight of San Francisco’s best-known families as being among Newsom’s most loyal and long-term contributors. Among those patrons are the Gettys, the Pritzkers and the Fishers, whose families made their respective fortunes in oil, hotels and fashion. They first backed him when he was a restaurateur and winery owner running for a seat on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 1998, and have continued their support through the governor’s race.

They are not Newsom’s largest donors: The families in total have given about $2 million of the $61 million that donors have contributed to his campaigns and independent committees backing those bids. But they gave while he was a relative unknown, providing crucial support to a political newcomer in the years before his campaign accounts piled high with cash from labor unions, Hollywood honchos, tech billionaires and donors up and down the state.

Now the families appear poised to see their investments pay off.

These donors are mostly liberal, inspired by Newsom’s history as an early supporter of progressive causes, including same-sex marriage as San Francisco mayor in 2004. But some are Republicans, including President Trump’s new ambassador to Austria, who are drawn by Newsom’s background as a small businessman...

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