Monday, December 31, 2018

'So we have Andy Cohen, gleefully smiling as he grips his phallic-symbol bottle of popping champagne...'

My mom had CNN on when I was visiting over there yesterday. I saw all the previews for AC360's New Year's Eve gig with Andy Cohen, and I can barely recall who Andy Cohen is. I know Kathy Griffin is out, and no love lost there, dang! But Andy Cohen?

Ann Althouse has never heard of him. See, "Speaking of white men not 'reflecting the gender and racial diversity' we've come to expect in liberal America — see previous post — look at what just came in the email from CNN?"

I'm going over to my mom's for New Year's Eve dinner. I don't think I'll be be ringing in 2019, though. Either way, no Andy and Anderson for me. Pfft. (*Eye roll.*)