Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Spending Less Time on Twitter

I generally don't make New Year's resolutions, because like most everybody else, I can't keep them.

I should try, though, to spend less time on Twitter.

The problem is that I really do use the platform as my primary source of news.

It's weird, but it's almost like reading the newspaper in the morning used to be (in the old days, especially before the web). I wake up and grab my phone, which might be 7 or 8 in the morning, but by then it's almost Noon in D.C., the center of all political happenings. I follow a lot of journalists, and all their tweets of current news get me caught up with the big stories.

Frankly, breaking news is on the platform. Happens all the time.

So, how do I break up with Twitter, at least a little bit, when I need some outlet for current, breaking news? I need news as part of my job, as part of my professional life as a professor of political science.

How do I break up, like Allie Beth Stuckey pledges she'll break up in 2019?

It's hard.

I haven't mentioned it, but I was locked out of Twitter for 12 hours last month because I tweeted Robert Stacy McCain's post stating "Jonathan Yaniv is Not a Woman."

(See also, Julie Bindel, "Meghan Murphy, Twitter and the new trans misogyny.")

It's ridiculous.

Not only is Twitter a hate dumb, it's an Orwellian thought-crimes nightmare of Silicon Valley tech-sector censorship.

I would say, "Who needs it?"

But I do, otherwise I'd have bailed out long ago.

In any case, I will be limiting my time on Twitter as much as I can.

If anything I should be blogging more, putting up more original essays and linking to the considerable amount of really excellent old school blogging content that's still out there.

I'll try to do that.

Thanks for reading for the new year, 2019!

I'll of course be posting a lot on books and my Amazon sales, because it's fun. But I want to do more old fashioned blogging, with original content and really excellent link-arounds.

More later.
Thanks again!