Saturday, November 21, 2020

Anti-Lockdown Protests in Britain

At London's Daily Mail, "At least 22 are arrested after anti-lockdown protesters chanting 'freedom' clash with police as hundreds march against Covid restrictions through streets of Bournemouth, Liverpool, Basildon and Hyde Park":

In Basildon, Essex, footage today captured police clash with protesters amid a 'large unauthorised gathering' in the town centre. 
The protest, which breached the Government's Covid-19 measures, led to several arrests after 'attempts to engage with those attending were unsuccessful', Essex Police said. 
Officers have put a dispersal order in place within the boundaries of Great Oaks and Southernhay, with the force adding: 'We know this is a challenging time but we all have a responsibility to follow the regulations and keep each other safe.'


Chumgrinder said...

Freedom is slavery.

matism said...

Wonder what would happen if suddenly there were dead plod?

Might they reconsider their choice of occupation???