Saturday, November 28, 2020

Lori Laughlin's Daughter Lives It Up at Santa Barbara's Rosewood Miramar Resort While Her Mother Lori Does Time for Admissions Scandal Conviction at Federal Correctional Institution, in Dublin, California

Oh these daughters make my blood boil. 

Sure, these parents are literally imbeciles, especially for the fact that for all they did to get their daughters into an "elite" private university (U.S.C.'s not "elite," but that's another story), their daughters couldn't care less. Olivia Jade even attacked her mom when the scandal broke --- she slammed her for getting arrested, because it ruined her career as a YouTube influencer. The youth generation is the greatest generation of spoiled, no-talent trust-fund brats. This story has always blown me away. 

See, "Lori Loughlin's daughter Isabella Rose Giannulli, 22, relaxes at a luxury Santa Barbara resort as her parents languish in jail for paying $500k in bribes to get her and her sister into USC":

Her parents' prison time seemed a distant memory as she relaxed with a dark-haired male companion wearing a dark t-shirt and blue shorts and joked around, appearing to bury her feet in the sand at one point. 
Rooms at the luxury beachside getaway currently start from $806 per night, with many boasting views across the ocean. 
It's a far cry from the current dwellings of her parents who are both serving time in California prisons for their parts in the college admissions scandal. 
Loughlin, 56, started her two-month sentence at FCI Dublin in California on October 30. 
She is said to have been a 'wreck' during her first few weeks behind bars. 
A former inmate turned prison consultant told this month that the mom-of-two was 'anxious about contracting COVID, is living off a diet of dry cereal and fruit and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, is sharing a cell with three other inmates and is only allowed to shower three times a week.

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