Friday, June 17, 2022

Uvalde, Texas, Has Hired Private Law Firm to Argue That It Doesn't Have to Release Public Records Related to the Mass Shooting at Robb Elementary School

Holy shit wtaf?!!

At Vice,  "Some of the records relating to the Robb Elementary School shooting could be 'highly embarrassing,' involve 'emotional/mental distress,' and are 'not of legitimate concern to the public,' the lawyers argued."

The records are "highly embarrassing" to the Police Department, causing the police chief and officers severe "emotional/mental distress" from fear of losing everything, hence for all of those who fucked on May 24th, the actual truth of events is "not of legitimate concern to the public."

Now if the city wins the case, this is one summer of urban rioting, right there at Uvalde City Hall, the Police Department, and Robb Elementary, that I could support. Damn.