Sunday, December 23, 2007

Daily Kos and Moral Equivalence

Via Little Green Footballs, check out this post from Daily Kos, "A Picture You Really Need To See":
Bibles and guns. Copies of the Koran and guns...

Could it be any plainer ?

You might call the image, to the right, the ghost of Christmas future. Let me suggest a productive frame for the picture which depicts a parallel that is both real but which has not yet fully emerged as a dominant dynamic.

The dynamic is that of religious war, a phenomenon that has an old and evil history especially in the Middle East.

But, that future - religious war - does not have to prevail. It is a danger as long as there are US troops in Iraq, because US troops in basic training, as detailed in a new Military Religious Freedom Foundation report, are being indoctrinated in the ideology of religious war and the cultivation of the mentality of religious war, between Christianity and Islam, is exactly what many leaders on the American Christian right and Islamic religious extremists including those of Al Qaeda want more than anything - to provoke a full blown religious war between Islam and Christianity.

Readers can see the pictures above, or go directly to the Kos entry.

I don't think we need to "provoke a full-blown war between Islam and Christianity." Radical Islam's already declared war on the West, September 11 was the opening engagement, and the notion that America and its Western allies provoked the struggle is a bunch of baloney.

As LGF put it, the Kos entry is one more case of "crackpot moral equivalence."

(Oh, and don't forget, Markos Moulitsas, the Daily Kos founder, calls his netroots movement the true center of Democratic Party politics today.)