Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Giuliani's Resiliency

Rudolf Giuliani's still got some wind in his sails, according to this Wall Street Journal article:

Rudy Giuliani's quest for the Republican presidential nomination is running into turbulence.

After selling himself more successfully than many expected, the former New York mayor's lead in national polls is narrowing. He could lose four early primary states -- Iowa, New Hampshire, Michigan and South Carolina -- before reaching more favorable territory, such as Florida, New York and California. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee's surge is rallying evangelicals and social conservatives who up until now have been divided and dispirited. The business dealings of Mr. Giuliani's company are under increasing scrutiny.

But like the city he once ran, Mr. Giuliani on the campaign trail is also turning out to be more resilient than expected -- drawing on decades of retail politics in New York as he works crowds with ease and vigor.

As his lead has narrowed in the past month, Mr. Giuliani has unleashed a blizzard of television ads in New Hampshire touting his economic record in New York and his toughness on terrorism. He has come out in support of a Supreme Court challenge to gun-control laws in an effort to bolster his support among conservative Republicans. He has lashed out at Mitt Romney in a televised debate, accusing him of running a "sanctuary mansion" because the lawn service Mr. Romney used employed illegal immigrants.

What his supporters and opponents are wondering is whether these moves and his campaign skills will be enough to overcome the hurdles that are coming into clearer and closer view.

Read the whole thing.

I'm less enthusiastic about Giuliani as I had been. His YouTube debate performance was weak. I don't know, but something turned me off with the nasty attacks on Mitt Romney.

After John McCain I don't really have a favorite. Electability in the general election is a key, so Giuliani might have an edge over Mike Huckabee in that respect.

We'll see.