Monday, February 18, 2008

McCain in Wisconsin: Will Follow Bin Laden to Gates of Hell

John McCain, campaigning in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, says he'll go to the "Gates of Hell" in tracking down Osama bin Laden (via YouTube):

Frankly, that's an extremely lofty campaign pledge, considering President Bush has repeatedly said he'd track down bin Laden and bring him to justice (with no luck).

McCain's commitment in pursuing bin Laden is admirable, and he's certainly playing to the crowd.

I have no doubt that the Arizona Senator's genuine in his rhetoric, although
political science reasearch has demonstrated that capturing bin Laden's hardly the central element in a campaign of victory over the forces of global terrorism (recall that we will never completely defeat the generalized terrorist threat, although al Qaeda itself can be defeated).

Conservatives are divided over McCain's commitment to defeating the jihadis.

some say McCain strikes fear in the hearts of the world's most implacable state sponsors of terror, McCain's suggestion to close Guantanamo's causing considerable discomfort (if not fits of rage) among some on the right.

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