Friday, February 15, 2008

Strongest Possible Content Warning! Taliban Boy Beheads Hostage

The Jawa Report has video of one the most barbaric atrocities humanly possible: The video shows a 12 year-old boy beheading a hostage.

I want to warn readers that
the video is the most graphic portrayal of violence and human depravity imaginable.

the text from the post:

Some time back we brought you news that the Taliban had reached new lows and were now circulating a propaganda video, produced by the Taliban themselves, showing a 12 year old boy beheading a hostage. Censored video of the horrific act eventually made it to the internet, but we showed some screencaps from the uncensored version in order to show just how horrible the enemy we fight in Afghanistan really are.

How bad are the Taliban? I thought I had seen horrible videos produced by al Qaeda, the Taliban, and other Islamist organizations. I'd seen the depth of their depravity when they beheaded Daniel Pearl. Experienced what I thought was the highest form of righteous indignation possible when they murdered dozens of other hostages. Felt like I knew what wrath was.

None of it even comes close. The images we posted earlier were bad. Add video and sound of a child - a child - slowly hacking away at a man's head while he lives words can describe it.

Strongest possible content warning: Proceed with extreme caution!
Bloodcurdling, repulsive, and shocking are terms too mild to describe the raw emotions these images elicit.

The post continues:
Strongest possible content warning: You are about to see the true face of our enemies. This is not an American propaganda video, it was made by the Taliban themselves. This is why we fight. This is why we must win.

We'll see how long the video lasts...

Update: NY Times ignores atrocities of the most disgustingly vile enemy the U.S. has faced since the Nazis, instead
outraged by blindfolding suspects in Iraq. That's right, blindfolding.
This is the religion of peace?

As horrendous as these images are, they should be distributed widely to disseminate the true evil of our enemies.

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