Friday, February 29, 2008

Who Do You Want Answering the Phone? Or, Be Very Afraid of the Clintons!

"Who do you want answering the phone?" That's the soft, subliminal scare language evident in Hillary Clinton's new campaign ad, via YouTube:

This is an interesting strategy, especially since the GOP was attacked mercilessly for their "wolves" ad from the Bush/Cheney campaign of 2004 (via YouTube):

Frankly, Hillary's ad's even more subliminally diabolical, since it implies the real wolves of today's terrorist evil are readying to pounce on those childhood innocents on the video screen.

Hillary's obviously not throwing in the towel on her campaign. If she doesn't win Ohio or Texas next week, what should we expect, a graceful exit from the race?

Dont' count on it. Here's Dan Schnur's argument to be afraid, very afraid, of the Clintons:

If it’s not the first rule of Republican politics, it should be: never, ever, ever underestimate anybody whose last name is Clinton. Not Bill, not Hillary. Not Chelsea, not even George. They’re very good at what they do, and when they’re about to be written off for dead, that’s when they’re at their very best....

When Hillary Clinton decided to run for president, I promised myself I would not be fooled again. As an equally loyal fan of the Republican Party and of the Green Bay Packers football team, I had come to regard the Clintons the same way I’ve always thought about the Dallas Cowboys. I don’t like them. I root against them. I want them to lose and occasionally find myself wanting bad things to happen to them. But they are very good at what they do. And if someone can knock them out in the playoffs — whether it’s the New York Giants or a senator from Illinois — I’m just as happy not to have to go up against them when the stakes are at their highest.

Yes, they are very good. Fom Hillary choking up at a New Hampshire campaign breakfast to Bill Clinton smearing Barack Obama as the next Jesse Jackson, you have to watch out for these two.

Schnur focuses on Hillary's electability in November, suggesting this is the greater threat than an Obama campaign:

Most of my fellow Republicans, consumed with 16 years of Hillary hatred and awestruck by Senator Obama’s political skills, are still hoping Senator Clinton can come back and claim her party’s nomination. Only she, they think, can unify the Republicans and mobilize our voters to the polls in November.

But I’ve been burned by the Clintons too many times before, so I’m rooting for the new guy from Illinois to take her out in the playoffs next week. Forgive me for holding off on the eulogies, but I’d just as soon wait until Wednesday morning before performing last rites on the Clinton-for-president campaign.

See also, Ben Smith's post on Clinton's 'Who do you want answering the phone?" ad. Expect more of this subliminalism if she the Democratic nominee this fall.