Sunday, October 23, 2011

Gaddafi Killed by Shot to the Head

Well, you think?

It's not like it took a forensic medical examiner to figure it out.

See CBS News, "Autopsy: Qaddafi was killed by shot to head." (Via Memeorandum and Doug Powers at Michelle's.)


Bill said...

Gaddafi was ruthless, murderous, capricious and larcenous. In the old-time custom of the Middle East for such people he should be dragged slowly by the ankles behind one of the militarized pickup trucks through every town and village between Sirte and Tripoli. On arrival Martyrs' Square, his head should be severed and mounted on a pike and there to remain until the crows have picked it clean. The rest of his corpse should be cut in pieces and mixed with pork, then fed to the city's dogs. And he should have his sons for company.