Saturday, October 29, 2011

Progressive Race-Based Attacks on Herman Cain

Herman Cain's race shouldn't be an issue in this campaign. We already have a black president. And as we've seen for almost four years now, the substantial racism we've seen in politics has been an exclusive domain of the left. This clip with Karen Finney is a perfect demonstration of leftist racism. The woman even admits "it's harsh" to talk the way she does. What a perverse investment. Radical progressives invent a racist Republican base at the same time that national public opinion polls see Herman Cain as the GOP frontrunner. No wonder the Democrats are in the death throes going into 2012. They can't relate to average Americans without insulting them as racists.

See William Jacobson, "Saturday Night Card Game (Race-based attacks on Herman Cain expose left-wing hypocrisy, once again)."

And lots more commentary at Maggie's Farm and Memeorandum. And see Allahpundt at Hot Air:
Cathy Young wrote an article for Reason a few days ago about the left’s endless race-baiting of Cain, but I don’t know what she was thinking in rushing that piece out now. There’s literally months of this to come, and it’ll be ten times as obnoxious if he pulls the upset in Iowa and suddenly looks poised to make a real run at the nomination.
Okay, what the heck? Here's Young's piece: "The Left's Race-Baiting of Herman Cain."

Yeah, it's still early. Get ready for a vicious season of progressive racism.


Dana said...

There will always be some who will not respect anyone who is black, just as there will always be some who will vote for anyone as long as he is black.

But most Americans were willing to give him a chance: he got roughly 53% of the total vote, and his job approval ratings were much higher than that when he was inaugurated.

The problem for President Obama isn’t that some people don’t like him because he is black, but that he is actually being judged fairly, on his job performance. Had things gotten better under his administration, he’d be in no danger of not being re-elected; since things have gotten no better, and many think that things have gotten worse, it’s very probable, absent a dramatic economic turnaround, that he will not be re-elected.

Th voters judging President Obama on how well he has done his job is exactly what our friends on the left should want to see: not judging him on his race and not judging him on demagoguery, but how well he has done his job. Their problem — and his — is that he hasn’t done his job very well.

Me said... when Liberals invoke race as an issue, it's "race-baiting," or activists are called "race hucksters." But when Conservatives invoke race, it's a "high tech lynching" or "media bias." You have to love double standards in politics.