Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Jennifer Rubin Slams Erick Erickson's 'Anti-Semitic Screed'

My post on the Jennifer Rubin profile at Politico was the top entry here through most of the day. Then this morning I saw Erick Erickson's attack on Rubin at RealClearPolitics. I noticed the Jewish slur, where Erickson deploys the disgusting dual loyalty smear, alleging that Rubin's "best understood as 'Likud' rather than Republican or conservative." Well Rubin pushed back, apparently. See Ben Smith, "Rubin dismisses Erickson's 'anti-Semitic screed'."

And Erickson's apologized, "An Anti-Semite?"

Erickson's a clueless hack, as I've held all along. In fact, I don't doubt his claim of ignorance at the apology, where he suggests that, "A friend of mine explains to me that a Jewish-American might find it insulting because it suggests they put Israel ahead of the United States." Hey, you think?

Just one more example of how overrated this dude is. What a loser.

Via Memeorandum and Weekly Standard.

Added: From PolitiJim, "I'm Sorry But Screw You Erick Erickson."


PolitiJim said...

I suppose I was targeted (as lowly and insignificant in the blogsphere as I am) when I wrote a piece called "Screw You Erick Erickson". But I have been defending them because teh DO get some things right. They fought for Cut Cap Balance and against Boehner 1&2, etc. But it turns out RedState has been blocking CONSERVATIVE dissenters FROM READING THEIR SITE! Not just commenting - but actually blocking them from READING IT! This is the kind of thin skinned hypocrisy that turned the government over to Clinton and Obama. And Erickson STILL has not apologized to Jamie Radtke for his smear on her at his own gathering. I hope something wakes them up.

AmPowerBlog said...

Thanks Jim. I'll add your link to the post...