Saturday, November 26, 2011

Occupy Los Angeles to Be Evicted From City Hall Park

The drug-addled anarcho-commie losers --- they're done.

At New York Times, "Occupy L.A. to Be Evicted on Monday" (Via Memeorandum.) Also at Los Angeles Times, "Villaraigosa, Beck start countdown to Occupy L.A. closure."


Dana said...

One of the interesting side effects of Democratic control of almost all of our largest cities is that it is the Democrats who are evicting the fleabaggers. The Democrats liked the fleabaggers at first, seeing them as a potential countermovement to the TEA Party protests, but the TEA Partiers stayed for an afternoon, cleaned up after themselves, and went home at the end of the day, because they had to go to work the next day. The fleabaggers can stay overnight, and camp out for weeks on end, because they don't work. The people who voted Republican in 2010 can see that, and they can see the people they don't want to support with their tax dollars.

But even Democrats have to be responsible when they are big-city mayors, and when the lice and the filth and the crime gets out of hand, when city hall is treated to the lovely scent of the fleabaggers' perfume -- urine, feces, body odor and pot smoke -- the mayors have to shrug their shoulders and do their jobs, and get their cities cleaned up.

The result? This won't get the fleabaggers to vote Republican, but it does mean that many of them won't vote Democratic, either; many will vote third party, and many just won't vote at all.