Saturday, November 26, 2011

'Tolerant' Progressives Ramp Up Death Threats Against Conservatives

At Zilla of the Resistance, "New Death Threats from Islamic Supremacists and their Islamoblow Enablers Show How Much They CAIR."

And following the links there to Atlas Shrugs, "SUPPORT PAMELA GELLER, GET DEATH THREATS," and Teresamerica, "An Islamofascist Threatened Me - I Continue To Support Pamela Geller in the Face of Threats."

I wouldn't be surprised if these freaks are tied to Walter James Casper III's band of neo-fascist progressive totalitarians. RACIST REPSAC3 put the hit out on Pamela last summer, in a blog post calling to "Investigate Pamela Geller!" And now RACIST REPSAC's holiday comment threads are making sexualized references to my wife. As noted previously, this is why I don't publish my wife's information, since these fuckers would hunt her down. They would rape her given the chance. I don't doubt it for a minute. Zilla calls out Walter James Casper:
Update: Last month I posted in support of my friend Donald Douglas who runs the American Power blog, who has, for years, been under relentless attack by hateful leftists who have even gone so far as to try to get him fired from his job - simply because they disagree with his political opinions. Donald has a new post up today describing the fact that the blog dedicated in its entirety to attacking him, could not even leave him alone on Thanksgiving Day. The comments section there includes some snide remarks about his marriage. How very sad that some people apparently have nothing better to do, on a day dedicated to reflecting on all of the things for which one should be thankful, than to pick at a man over every single thing he ever writes on his blog, and then bitch about it when that man discusses the relentless attacks. But then again, Thanksgiving is an American holiday, and gratitude is something expressed by people who actually have functioning souls, so I suppose this should not be surprising.
Let's set the record straight: RACIST REPSAC3 is a stalking hate blogger. RACIST REPSAC3 is lying. No one "attacked" him. I don't even link him. He stalks my blog like a troll. And the coward blows a fuse when his hatred and harassment are called out. The fascisitic vampire is kicked to the curb by my high standard of moral right. It's like a crucifix to evil. Recall the context to Zilla's update: I mentioned why I don't publish my wife's name at the blog. I indicated that Walter James Casper III and his horde of fascistic henchmen would threaten her, given the chance. These are the same people who published my workplace information, launched campaigns of workplace intimidation, alleged that I was a child pedophile --- the allegations going all the way to the California Attorney General's Office --- harassed me personally at my blog and by email, and now they're making sexualized references about my wife. Obviously, nothing good would come of them getting a hold of my wife's phone number (which they indicated they'd like to do) or her work information. They'd kill her if they could. That's what I believe, given the unreal campaign of hate and intimidation that's been sponsored already by RACIST REPSAC WALTER JAMES CASPER III and his fascistic band of progressive totalitarians.


Teresa said...

Thank you for the mention and the linkage, Donald. We need to stand together against these progressive barbarians who use threats to intimidate us. The threat against your wife is outrageous and is uncalled for in a civilized society, such as we live in today (or supposed to be living in). We must not back down against the face of evil. You and your wife stay safe. Peace.

AmPowerBlog said...

You're welcome, Teresa!

1389 said...

Speaking of proggies muzzling free speech, the LGBT lobby is trying to shut down Sun TV in Canada on account of an ad protesting against the sexualization of children.

Scroll down for contact info.