Saturday, November 26, 2011

Schools Use Marijuana-Filled Occupy L.A. as Civics Lesson for Students

Great lesson in the Cannabis camp-out.

They might have better used the tea parties to educated students. Kids have little knowledge of the nation's founding, and there's a genuine historical tie between the tea party and American government. The radical left-wing anti-capitalist Jew-hating fests? Not so much. Or, well, not unless you're a communist organizer.

At Los Angeles Times, "Occupy L.A. offers a hands-on civics lesson for students, teachers":
Who says history has to be about dead men and a dreary assortment of dates and names?

For countless students and teachers, the Occupy L.A. encampment at City Hall has become a living classroom, a place to put a contemporary twist on topics such as the causes of the Great Depression and the limits of the 1st Amendment.

On a recent afternoon, students from at least three schools joined the colorful milieu of protesters — playing ball, posing with pet roosters and sounding off about corporate greed — to interview them about their aims.

Cleveland High School student Ryan Janowski, for instance, asked hard questions about whether the movement's leaderless structure would impede its progress.

Classmate Christopher Berry sniffed the aroma of marijuana and wondered whether a few "dignified leaders" might help protesters gain wider public acceptance.

The students are part of Cleveland's humanities magnet program, which is exploring class differences in America and comparing the Occupy movement with 19th century transcendentalism.

"It fits in with everything we're doing," said Rebecca Williams, an English literature teacher at the Reseda school. "It's a real-life movement — history in the making."

It all fits in. It's a real-life tune-in, turn-on, and burn-out movement. Freakin' commie loser dirtbags. I wouldn't send mine on the field trip. I'd take 'em myself and show them why America's schools are failing kids.


Zilla said...

I wanna know if they got the parents' permission before bringing the kids there and exposing them to the various pathogens and vermin those squatters' camps are infested with.

Minicapt said...

If done properly, it's an inoculation.


1389 said...

Homeschooling is the only answer.

Homeschoolers can use Occupy as an object lesson on the inevitable failure of those who refuse to take responsibility for their own lives and their own wrong decisions.