Friday, January 18, 2013

Algerian Hostage Crisis — Updates : Americans Still Being Held

I can't confirm the deaths of any American hostages. This France 24 clip offers a decent update:

And here's the live update at the Guardian UK, "Americans among hostages still held in Algeria, AP reports - live updates."

Check back for regular updates throughout the day...

12:53pm Pacific: Maggie's Notebook reports, "Hostage Update: Texan Feared Dead – 4 Unknown: Demands to Release Blind Sheik."

And this report at LAT notes how the hostages were killed, "Algeria raid puts a lawless region in the spotlight":
A Mauritanian news organization quoting a militant spokesman suggested that gunfire from Algerian military helicopters struck two vehicles attempting to flee the compound, killing 35 foreigners and 15 kidnappers, including the militant group's commander. The differing accounts were impossible to confirm or reconcile and epitomized a chaotic day that appeared to raise questions from Western leaders over the operation's planning.
1:20pm Pacific: Associated Press tweets:

And at Fox News, "One American reported dead in hostage siege in Algeria."

However, there are no details on the death, which is I why I've been waiting to report on this. Information is just trickling in and casualty numbers are fluid. The dead individual could be the Texan mentioned yesterday in my reporting and at Maggie's Notebook linked above.

2:05pm Pacific: Updates from here at the blog, "Prime Minister David Cameron Statement on Algerian Hostage Crisis," and "Frederick Buttaccio: Texas American Dead in Algeria Hostage Crisis."

3:10pm Pacific: Charles Krauthammer again provides outstanding analysis on what's happening in U.S. national security, seen on yesterday's Fox News All Stars with Bret Baier, "Algeria Hostage Situation..."

6:11pm Pacific: The Wall Street Journal has an excellent report, "Death Toll Mounts in Algeria Siege."

And at London's Daily Mail, "'We don't do deals with terrorists': State Department REJECTS 'Battalion of Blood' gang offer to swap two U.S. hostages seized in Algeria for jailed extremists," and "Frantic hunt for ten UK hostages: SAS on standby to rescue Brits still held by Algeria gas plant jihadists."

6:23pm Pacific: "Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Statement on Algerian Hostage Crisis."


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