Saturday, January 19, 2013

Deadly Conclusion in Algeria Hostage Crisis

Well, the terrorists freaked out and started killing hostages, and then the final assault began.

At Telegraph UK, "Algeria hostage crisis: desert siege ends in bloodshed":
The hostage crisis in Sahara desert has been brought to a bloody end following an assault by the Algerian military, Philip Hammond, the British defence secretary has confirmed.
It was not immediately clear how many of the hostages being held by the terrorists at the In Amenas gas complex had survived the battle between Algerian special forces and the al-Qaeda-linked militants.

BP said that four of its staff who were working on the site were still missing while 14 were safe. Two of their employees were injured, according to Bob Dudley, the companies chief executive.

William Hague, the British foreign secretary, had earlier warned that "fewer than 10" Britons were still "at risk or unaccounted for" as the Algerian forces began their final assault on the gas plant.

He warned the country had to "prepare for bad news".

There had been earlier reports that seven foreign hostages died while 11 terrorists had been killed in the fighting at the plant.
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Also at the Australian, "Algerian forces storm gas field, militants execute seven hostages before being killed."

And check for live updates at the Guardian. UK.