Saturday, January 19, 2013

No Sweeping Generalizations!

I don't know?

I try to block these stalking asshats, but no doubt by now these these f-kers have multiple accounts. It's definitely the same MO:

Meanwhile, Kevin Robbins, the flaming "backside boogie" baker boy at American Nihilist, is keeping teh stupid alive. Get a life you freak. (And be careful at that link ---- Kevin's "backside boogie" bros are [YMCA] NSFW.)

BONUS: Evil Blogger Lady comments on "troll-rights" ringleader Walter James Casper III:
He would make a good partner for Andrew Sullivan. I know Sully is married now but apparently they are into swinging...
Shoot, he's probably already made a "good partner" for Andrew "RAWMUSCLEGLUTE" Sullivan!

If it feels good do it!

They're animals. Depraved f-king animals.